The Beauty is the Beast - 1st episode
La Belle est la Bête - 1er épisode

  Austria / Luxembourg / Netherlands 2005
3 min l colour l 35 mm l 1:1.66 l Dolby Digital
  Premiere: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2005  
A dream, a woman, a furred tongue: Bady Minck's The Beauty is the Beast operates on the interface between civilization and wilderness, nature and culture, human and animal. A film that raises the issue of the pros and cons of our cultivation. On the threshold between the animal inside and the civilized exterior "the beauty (la belle)" herself becomes "the beast (la bête)".
In the mouth, where the outside slips into the secret inside, a new human-animal interface. In this tale of our metamorphoses, the beauty becomes the beast and confirms her kinship with Kafka´s martyred insect.
Festival du nouveau cinéma de Montréal

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