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heidi dumreicher / olaf möller (ed.)
im anfang war der blick
ereignishorizont eines films

Sonderzahl Verlag, Vienna, 2008


Manufactured in a melting furnace inbetween science and art, Bady Minck's award-winning film In the Beginning was the Eye continues its passionate journey in the shape of a book. Sustainability researcher Heidi Dumreicher and film author Olaf Möller have gathered fifteen writers who reframe and reiterate the questions posed by the film. What is landscape? A Garden of Eden, a data base, a cinematic backdrop? How does film respond to landscape, science to film, landscape to science? What is the role of time, velocity, animation, philosopy, and fine arts in this process?

"In the Beginning was the Eye is, with its 45 minutes of abundant avant-garde research, the figurehead of the Director's Fortnight in Cannes 2003. At times a dreamlike vision, at times political, philosophical and even culinary, the film is technically perfect. The stunning sound and visuals and the hypnotic editing ensure that you don't get bored for a second.” (Martin Granica, Repérages, Paris)

Like the film, the book traverses the boundaries between ecology, science, art, and film, in the process reconnecting numerous facets which were articulated cinematographically by the film and discussed at the cinESCAPE symposium. Film, symposium, and book are the result of a long lasting and fruitful cooperation between Amour Fou Filmproduction Vienna, Minotaurus Film Luxembourg and research institute Oikodrom – Forum Nachhaltige Stadt. Interdisciplinary analyses, comments and essays as well as collages by the filmmaker give insight into the development, history, and background of In the Beginning was the Eye.

In terms of the interaction of science and art, the contributors of the book include scientists, film critics, filmmakers and poets:

Heidi Dumreicher, Sergio Fant, Marcy Goldberg, Bodo Hell, Christoph Huber, Lilli Lička, Bady Minck, Johannes Moser, Michael O'Pray, Nicolas Rey, Hans Schifferle, Burghart Schmidt, Christian Stadelmann, Mika Taanila, Jean-Philippe Tessé and Barbara Wurm.

160 pages, black&white and colour, numorous illustrations
Abstracts in German and English for every essay
Format: 16,5 x 23 cm
€ 19,90
ISBN 978 3 85449 293 1
Date of publication: November 2008


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