heidi dumreicher / olaf möller (ed.)
im anfang war der blick
ereignishorizont eines films
sonderzahl verlag 2008



More often than not (exceptions are rare), the book on a film insinuates the final completion of a piece of work. The film's realisation is retraced, quite often the authors try to inscribe meaning and clear-cut possible interpretations - interpretations that in turn become certainties. If it's a book on an "older" film, further thought is given to the way it was received. In short: the book is always the end of the film. The product is meant to become manageable, so that something else might come along, the next film, the next cultural production unit to be chewed on. The film is meant to stop doing what it was originally conceived to do: to affect its audience, to bear fruit, to generate meaning. The book is an attempt to brutishly assume control over the uncontrolled growth of sense and meaning. Not here: here this growth is being naturally fertilised and pushed on – 100 flowers, 1000 herbs, bushes, scrubs, trees, hedges, mutations without number.

Olaf Möller


Heidi Dumreicher l Sergio Fant l Marcy Goldberg l Bodo Hell l Christoph Huber l Lilli Lička l Johannes Moser l Michael O'Pray l Hans Schifferle l Burghart Schmidt l Christian Stadelmann l Mika Taanila l Jean-Philippe Tessé l Barbara Wurm